…one of the most positively influential people in my life

I have known Bronwyn Williams for roughly 9 years, having been introduced to her through her wonderful dance studio.

Bronwyn is a tireless, energetic and empathetic person. She genuinely cares about the people around her and strives to create a comfortable, safe and uplifting environment for all. She is inclusive and outgoing; instinctively knowing when to push a person onto greater things and when to calm and console them. She brightens ever room she walks into and inspires those around her, effortlessly.

Through her care and empathy, I found myself a happier, healthier person; both physically and emotionally. I particularly admired her practical, forthright, no fuss approach to business and life.

Her world of dance and outlook on the world has filtered down through every aspect of my life, surrounding me with positive like-minded souls and a healthy, positive and most importantly, maintainable lifestyle.

I am eternally grateful for her support and count her as one of the most positively influential people in my life.

Victoria Nankervis

…has always pushed me to bigger and better things

I have known Bronwyn since 2004 when I first started attending dance lessons with her.

Over the years I have come to know that she is a deeply caring person. There is never a time when I couldn’t have a chat, and before you know it you’re pouring out all your troubles.

Bronwyn is a kind, compassionate, caring person with a beautiful soul. Her advice is always helpful and uplifting, even when it’s something you don’t really want to hear.

As a teacher I hold her in the highest regard, she has so much dance knowledge to give to anyone willing to receive, and a unique ability to tailor it to your individual understanding and level of experience.

Bronwyn has always pushed me to bigger and better things, initially as a dancer and then as a friend. Our friendship is one I cherish most dearly.

Sil Leggerini

Stimulating and inciteful…

Stimulating and inciteful – we all need to be reminded of the tools to find purpose and meaning in your life. A very open but sincere person who gives you the clues to look at yourself honestly and strategies to use.

Anne Gill
Follow Your Heart Seminar

…great insights… feeling inspired

Bron’s  enthusiastic and engaging energy, helped deliver some great insights and left me feeling inspired.

Andrea Scott
Follow Your Heart Seminar

I felt inspired…

I felt inspired right from the Oprah quote on the first slide. I wanted to go home and figure out how to start living my best life as soon as I could.

Bonnie Welton
Follow Your Heart Seminar

…this will open the door for you…

If you are struggling with your life purpose this will open a door for you to start defining and refining it.

Follow Your Heart Seminar

Let your mind think…

A chance to let your mind think!

Hunter Gill
Follow Your Heart Seminar


Great for someone looking for a positive change in their life, start within.

Emily Richmond
Follow Your Heart Seminar

…she teaches in a practical way…

Bronwyn is beaming, friendly and full of energy – she teaches in a practical way with a focus on clarity, making it simple yet effective.

Sarah Lawrence
Follow Your Heart Seminar

It is an eye opening seminar…

It is an eye opening seminar that helps teach you and encourage you to really look at who you are, and how recognizing who you are can improve your life and discover your purpose.

Michelle Uebergang
Follow Your Heart Seminar


Enlightening – makes you look at yourself in a deeper way.

Barb Uebergang
Follow Your Heart Seminar

…challenge yourself…

Bronwyn makes you challenge yourself but she is so gentle in doing so.

Victoria Gill
Follow Your Heart Seminar

You’d be surprised…

You’d be surprise what you don’t know about yourself.

Sil Leggerini
Follow Your Heart Seminar

…individual attention…

Bronwyn gave individual attention to people in the room because it was a small group and she cares.

Follow Your Heart Seminar

…focus on you!

It’s a fun opportunity to remind yourself of your dreams. It provides the space and time to focus on you!

Emily Bird
Vision Board Workshop

Fun day

Nice to meet a lovely lot of like minded people all interested in vision boards. Fun day.

Susie Cowie
Vision Board Workshop

…..fun and informative…

It was fun and informative and the right length of time for a newbie.

S Schroder
Vision Board Workshop

Very inspiring/motivating way to start the year.

Great discussions in a relaxed and safe environment. Very practical steps to follow to write clear and manageable goals. Very inspiring/motivating way to start the year.

Marie Boulanger
Goal Setting Workshop

…Dream and think big!!

Reminded me to dream and think big!!

Roxanne Begg
Vision Board Workshop

Just do it…

Just do it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Kazz Topper
Vision Board Workshop

…get Inspired.

Work out what’s really important and get inspired.

Polly Woodward
Vision Board Workshop

…directing my life forward

Bronwyn is a bright and bubbly life coach. Her workshop day taught me to take the step into directing my life forward.

Jane Maxfeild
Vision Board Workshop

Very enjoyable

Easy to understand and follow. Very enjoyable

Michaela Richardson
Vision Board Workshop

…create your vision and your goals.

A place and space to visualise and create your vision and goals.

Tammy Herne
Vision Board Workshop

…brilliant supportive workshop…..

Bron runs a brilliant supportive workshop that allows you to see what you really want, put it down on paper to work towards.

Liz Riddell
Vision Board Workshop

…focus on what you want…

Need to focus on what you want not want you don’t want.

Mary Pomfret

Couldn’t recommend more….

Brons session creates such a open and supportive environment, she really breaks down and helps you draw out your goals. Couldn’t recommend more – she is brilliant.

Liz Riddell
Goal Setting Workshop

It was Insightful…..

It was insightful and informative. leaves you in a positive frame of mind with a plan to move forward. It seems much more achievable now.

Anita Butters
Goal Setting Workshop

Great If you are unsure…

Great if you are unsure or a bit stuck in life and going through the motions.

Robert Denton
Goal Setting Workshop