Are you feeling stuck or ready for change?  Or are you simple putting up with people, jobs, or circumstances you know are not right for you?

    I can help!

    Bronwyn Life Coaching What's Next?

    I can help you get that pay rise, start a business, or find a better work/life balance. Perhaps your love-life needs a boost, or maybe even a rocket lift! Or are you struggling to find real meaning in why you are doing what you do?

    If so, then I am your go to coach.

    Unlike a therapist, I will not focus on your past, but your future! I will help you break through any barriers keeping you from a life of fulfillment.

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    A note from Bronwyn…

    During my career as a ballroom dance coach, many of my students have commented on my ability to inspire and encourage amazing growth and transformation, not only in their dancing but in their lives. Seeing the personal growth that can result is enormously rewarding, and now as a fully-qualified life coach, I am taking this life changing process out of the studio and bringing it to non-dancers aswell!

    I love assisting and nurturing the growth process, and can’t wait to work with you! It’s my role to help you find what you really want out of life, and then help you achieve it. And just like in dancing, small improvements can change the direction of your life, so perhaps we’ll start with something easy like the “Two Step”, before moving on to tackle life’s “Tango”!

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    One-on-One Coaching

    I offer my coachees a one-on-one service. With the option of meeting face-to-face (if you are a Bendigo local), or using Skype for our main interviews, and with phone, email, or messenger for keeping in touch in between. You have the benefit of not even having to leave your home or your office should that be best for you!


    Various packages and prices are available, depending on your coaching needs. Please email to book your first FREE phone consultation, and I will advise you from there on the packages on offer. You also get to speak with me and get a feel for whether I am the coach you want on your side.


    I offer a full money-back guarantee. With some easy conditions to meet.